The TRUTH about Heaven, Hell, and the Resurrection.

It might shock you to learn that popular Christian beliefs about eternal life are not based on the Scriptures, but actually come from pagan origins.

Learn the Biblical truths about life after death, and why the gospel message is so important!

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It wasn't until this teaching that we discovered the Biblical truth about death and resurrection!

- Whitney

This is the first time I have ever looked at scripture to see this for myself. Thank you.

- Anita

Thank you for this Teaching, what on eye opener.

- Elizabeth

So few are teaching the real truth about the resurrection.

- Uriyah

Awesome! Thanks so much for giving such a clear explanation.

- DJ

This teaching has really opened my eyes to the truth about what happens when we die.

- Yolanda

What You'll Learn

The popular message of the Church today is actually quite different from that of the Apostles in the first century. In this book, you will find out what the Early Church taught about eternal life, and why it is so important.

Overview of Immortal

My greatest desire in writing this book is to reveal the Biblical truth about eternal life and the resurrection of the dead. It is my pleasure to share with you the power of the resurrection, and I hope it transforms your life as it has my own.

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About The Author

Lex is the founder of UNLEARN, an online ministry that focuses on seeking the truth and exposing the lies we have inherited. He has a degree in Theology, and has devoted most of his life to studying and teaching the Bible. He is also the Pastor at the Grafted Church in Yukon, Oklahoma.

Lex Meyer
Lex B. Meyer Lex Meyer

"The subject of the resurrection is one that I am quite passionate about, because if the dead do not rise, then we have no hope!"